Palo Comado/Cheeseboro Canyon
Palo Comado/Cheeseboro Canyon
Sunday, September 12, 2010
9:00am - sponsored by San Fernando Valley Group and Little Hikers - All Ages
Cheeseboro/ Palo Comado (map)
Thousand Oaks, CA
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Sept 12, Sunday

Palo Comado/Cheseboro Canyon Loop

O: Get a great workout and share your favorite snacks and beverages while enjoying friends and nature!! It will be a 5-6 miles hike in this beautiful area. We will hike the Palo Comado trail to Shepard's Flat and then loop back around to the trailhead via Cheseboro Canyon Trail. The Chumash Indians lived in these canyons. Many of the trails within the canyons were used by them before the cattle rancher expanded the trails. There are number of the large Valley Oak trees live here and provide shade for the hikers. Please bring cheese, bread, cold cuts,etc to share! Meet @ 9 AM the trailhead. Take the 101 to Kanan Rd., go north for about 2 miles and then turn right on SunntCrest Drive. Watch for the trail where the road is curving. If you need any info please call Leader Gabe @ 818-999-5384 ( call to confirm as well)

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