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Quadri, H.O.D – Fine Arts and seek his assistance and guidance in doing up the Score board and also to keep a check on the four dynasty boards and ensure that they are in proper condition. We tagged him with the prefix 'Mahatma' with has mythic and religious symbolism. The Founder-Managing Director of Shalom Group of Schools, Dr. The Student Council Members were asked by Mr Ashish to propose new ideas and give their inputs for the next academic calendar that is being prepared. I have often wrestled with that question. The P.M referred to his recent visit to Japan and mentioned how discipline, technology and scientific temperament are the mainstay of the Japanese education system. The young fashionistas and style divas stole the thunder and the collective breath of the audience in a ‘whoosh’ as they sashayed up and down the stage. The authorities allowed him to use a spinning wheel and receive reading materials while in prison, so he felt content. The members of each dynasty secretly wrote the name of their chosen candidate and folded the chit before dropping it in the ballet box. Touching upon the unparalleled demand and need for good teachers all across the world, the Prime Minister asked why India can’t dream of exporting good teachers to the world. Very soon after his arrival, Gandhi's initial bafflement and indignation at racist policies turned into a growing sense of outrage and propelled him into assuming a position as a public figure at the assembly of Transvaal Indians, where he delivered his first speech urging Indians not to accept inequality but instead to unite, work hard, learn English and observe clean living habits. Since ancient times, Diwali has been christened as the Festival of Lights. Dear Arvind, evening description creative writing can I translate this post in Hindi and post in my blog? A large crowd of students and faculty from the Senior Wing turned up to cheer up the teams and boost up the morale of their dynasty players despite the intensely cold weather. I will return again and again to the light of your article. The ceremony left everyone on a high note filled with pride for their Country, gratitude for our custodians and a will to contribute in the growth of the nation. The Rangoli motifs and designs drawn by the nimble-fingered students were breathtakingly beautiful. Reverence was paid to King Mahabali, a legendary king, who ruled Kerala in ancient times. The parents were happy, rated the programme highly and hoped that such events would be held frequently.

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Roopa Jolly, H.O.D - Music and Mr. For the power of a good speech cannot be undermined. A humorous skit was performed by the teachers depicting pranks played by the children in the classroom. The initial story of Gandhi’s travails in South Africa and of his systematic struggle against oppression is well known. An Inter-Dynasty Cyber Quiz was organized on 12th February’2015 for Class- IV. The special annual assemblies have been envisaged by the management as a loving offering rather ‘surrender - Samarpan’ of the students of their complete selves before their parents. The Green School Graduation ceremony was held as part of Green School Programme for students of Classes VI and VII. It was an engaging session filled with excitement and anticipation, assumptions and fast responses. The students had a lot of fun and enjoyed the same. The Inter-dynasty meet concluded with a round of applause for all the participants and a message to all the students to actively participate in Saving the Tiger and to bring about the desired change in thinking and preservation of the same. The students from Classes VI-XII participated in the above mentioned competition. A Skating Competition was held on 5th July 2014, at Shalom Hills. Rohini Mohan, Pre-Primary Head Mistress and faculty members of the Senior Wing. They were also told to submit their respective roles and duties in writing. The children had been given time of one week to prepare for the competition. The Tri-colour was ceremoniously hoisted by the school principal, Mr Atul Bhatt in the presence of the gathering. There were four rounds, namely: Round 1- Test your Knowledge, Round-2 Aptitude Round, Round-3 ‘I am Genius’, Round-4 Visual Round. They were given sashays by the Principal and Head-Mistresses.

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The studentstook great interest in researching and understanding the content, clarifying their doubts and concerns and to look into the different components which could lead to an effective transition into new age learning. He led the struggle for India's independence from British colonial rule. The petition raised awareness of the plight of Indians and generating discussions in all three continents to the point where both the Times of London and the Times of India published editorials in support of the Indian right to the vote. The theme of the assembly was ‘Diwali and Save Environment’. A contingent march by the four dynasties and spectacular Yoga, Karate and Skating displays and demonstrations were the highlights of the occasion. Lilly George, Shalomites celebrated its Founders’ Week on completion of 14 years of imparting meaningful and holistic education to its students. Details were given to the parents how in the initial years, the school had associated with Centre of Environment Education, New Delhi and had procured ‘Do it yourself’ manual wherein students were taught to calculate carbon foot print of school with various biodiversity elements. The students showcased their recitation abilities and developed an appreciation for poetry. The day ended with a new situation given for deliberations tomorrow. The students were very enthusiastic about finding new ways to save the environment-the plants, animals and other good things for the future generations. He did his schooling from St. Columba's School, Delhi. He also mentions that the original was priced at ₹1 (1.4¢ US) and had a run of five editions by the time of the writing of his preface. Gandhi expected that the British victory would establish justice in South Africa and present him with an opportunity to return to India. It was conducted as an Inter-dynasty competition. The competition was conducted with a view to reinforce the vision and mission of the school in a unique way so that the students could express their faith and love towards their school in an artistic way. We just need to have the willingness and courage to apply his teachings in our life. The Students of Class- IV C presented Dussehra Assembly on 26th September’17 in the primary wing basement. Under the aegis and vibrant leadership of our honourable Founder and Chairperson Dr Mrs. A progressive step has been undertaken by the government through a Swachh Bharat Mission, a massive mass movement that seeks to create a Clean India. The students of Grade II organised an Inter-Dynasty Sports Collage Making Activity in which each section chose a particular sport or game and made beautiful collages on the same.

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Meenu Chopra, Head Mistress of Senior Wing. Fantastic props, well-organised and colourful PPTs, powerful Quotes, monologues and soliloquies from Shakespeare’s plays mesmerised the audience and were appreciated with loud applause and positive feedback from the parents. The assembly concluded with the Shalom Anthem followed by the National Song ‘Vande Matram’. In mid-way, the students were stopped and engaged in an activity in which all students were first asked to stand in a circle. According to a popular legend, the festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, whose spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam. N is for next year. First grade here we come. The aesthetic and traditional decorations bespoke of the grace, beauty, family ties, value for our heritage that are a natural part of the festival. But there are days where even as a director you are completely involved more in mundane administrative stuff. Gandhi travelled back to South Africa immediately and met with Joseph Chamberlain, Secretary of State for the Colonies, and presented him with a paper on the injustice against the Indian population but Chamberlain indicated that the Indians would have to obey the new rulers of South Africa, now called the "Afrikaners," which included both Dutch and British local settlers. After the students had showcased their creativity, they enjoyed a sumptuous meal laid out for them and appeased their appetite. The natural ease with which the junior and senior children executed lithe steps, the authentic costumes and make-up coupled with the mesmerizing choreography by the senior students of Class VI-X evoked loud cheering and clapping from the audience and praise from all the teachers present. The assembly commenced with Warm Up exercises followed by the Lord’s Prayer & the Shloka. The French Assembly was attended by Mr Atul Bhatt, the school principal and the students of Grades VI-XI. Gandhi went all the way to London in 1909 and gathered enough support among the British to convince Smuts to eliminate the law in 1913. Thereafter, the students of grade XI and XII showcased their acting acumen by paying homage to the greatest playwright, Shakespeare, through some monologues, soliloquies and a short extract from the play ‘Julius Caesar’.

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